Monday, 6 May 2019

   Hi guys,

   Guess what I went and did?

   Yep, I pressed the publish button.


   My baby - what I'm calling a published work in progress (I'll be doing more proofing in a month as I start on The Ways Out, I just need a break from it having gone through 4 times and to rest the writing fingers) - is out and about on the internet, where you can buy a kindle copy or the paperback...

   But because I'm that kind of guy, and believe free books are good books (even the ones that still aren't quite up to scratch) I've gone and dropboxed the beta copy, which you can grab right here! 😁

  So, what is Three Ways?

  Get your minds off Pornhub, its about the three ways to see relationships and the self - Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual.

   It's got everything a romance needs - two people falling for each other, an ex turning up when least expected, dating, kissing, sex - Oh, God, the sex! - but all with a male main character, a male viewpoint, and the main character based on myself,. As I'm saying, it's the autobiographical first novel I should have written, and it comes courtesy of an idea from my sister (thanks sis!)

   This is going to be a shorter post, I have a lot to get on with advertising on Facebook and Twitter, but I will say my mood has moved from meh to gladness, it's been a four year journey just to get here - and a year of getting blocked on the last chapter, with a number of things to fall in place before I could finish - and I'm proud to announce the book, plus three introductory videos on YouTube!

   Not that I'm finished - yes, still some polishing to go, which I'll get onto when I get going on The Ways Out - but such is life without being able to afford an editor (sigh). But it won't be without updates, maybe some more readings, and that all important free copy!

   I'll call it quits there. Follow the links below for readings, and to join me on Facebook and Twitter, and you can always catch me here on the blog.

   As always, and I hope to say this more often this time around,

   Have a good one!
   T. M.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

   Hi guys,

   Yes, I've been quiet. Yes, it's my thing. I'm isolationary.

   On the plus side, I've been quietly busy with whitesmoking, re-reading, editing Three Ways, and in very good news, I've finished the proofing stage and am ready to publish - but all things being fair, being unable to afford an editor this time, I will be doing further proofing runs as I go and updating the book as necessary!

   Oh, what fun, and excitement, and wow, and... well, meh.

   When I published TSH, I was full of excitement and beans, couldn't wait to share my work with the world (as messy as it was with the first edition). This time around, yes, I'm finding myself very ambivalent, and almost hesitant to put it out - not surprising, I was blocked for so long on this book, plus been at it for nearly 4 years (I surprised myself), and on my last read through I was getting very slow towards the end.

   Empty nesting? Maybe. Scared to kick my baby out the door into the dangerous world of reviews? Probably. Worried that, given Three Ways is actually the autobiographical first story I should have written, and putting that out there means I'm vulnerable, and open to criticism? Yeah, most likely...

   Guess I should just crack the knee back into position, pop the shoulder back in, and rip the band aid off at the same time, right? Give me a couple of days for setup, and I'll be fine 😀.

   Anyway, I'm going back to getting Three Ways up for buying, and the next post will be the glorious release (and a big "phew" from me). As always,

   Have a good one!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

I must love hitting reset... either that, or bipolar is not all its cracked up to be

   Hi guys,

   Been a while, I know. My life's like that. I'm half disorganised, half lazy, and half crazy. These are of course the joys when you have bipolar with a side of anxiety on a bed of PTSD, the other joys being absolutely brilliant ideas (like one I had recently) I don't follow up with (because that's not my specialty) that I ultimately never realise is a pipe dream.

   Good news, I've pulled it back... well, for now. Bad news for Your CWAGmire (which is still a brilliant idea, don't get me wrong). Good news for my writing, I can focus. Bad news for my writing because I'm stuck again, forgetting I hadn't finished a chapter and I'm a little blocked and sorting things out.

   So, how's all of your lives? LOL, I hope you're all doing as well as you can.

   But in brighter news, or unfortunate news, since you can't just up and change the name of your Facebook pages (guys, come on, what the frack?), I'm starting the page I should have started, just like I'm writing the first book I should have written, so you'll soon see links to my newly started, work in progress page simply entitled "T. M. Shannon" (or follow this wonderful LINK)

   I'll be setting up this over the coming weeks, so mind the construction if you do check it out, there will be links set up for The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart, as well as Three Ways - The Ways In once I get that up and published. Hopefully I can kick my arse into finishing that sooner than soon, depends on the rest of my things as I'm getting a bit bogged down - hooray for mental illness, woo.

   Yes, that's deadpan. Life is a struggle for me. But I've gotta keep going, I've been doing it for a long time, and I'll be doing it for a long time yet.

   So, here's to brighter things, a farewell to one idea that's not my talent, and renewed focus on the writing that is my talent. Not sure how long it's going to take, however I'm just going to start again... again.

   Don't mind the doldrums. Have a good one!

   T. M.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

So I've had to hit reset and start small to become big. Anyway, here's a chapter reading!

   Hi Guys,

   So yeah, I've had to hit the reset button on Your CWAGmire. And I've been forgetting my writing. And a hole bunch of other stuff to do with the rigmaroles of online dating. And I've been forgetting myself.

   That's just how my life goes, but here's some good news on both parts, and an adoption of a frugal lifestyle - now only one year to go on my phone plan at $90 but I should be able to drop down in prices as data becomes cheaper.

   But enough of that, here's the good news, I've just posted a bit of background and a quick reading on The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart as part of the reset. Joy for you, you get to see and hear me break it down to brass tacks (ugh cliches are so cliche) and start with what I'm good at, the writing.

   And yes, as I've posted, got my new work Three Ways on the back burner, so I'm going to churn out part one for adoption onto Amazon and kindle - be warned, not professionally edited, but I'm going to whip out the fine toothed comb and make sure its in good order. Thanks to my last editor, my writing has improved and is more economical, but I'll let the professional eyes go over things in a couple of months - money still tight, but them's the breaks.

   So, will be in more contact, and more on the YouTube front, Your CWAGmire to go from the start again as a personal journey rather than hit the lofty heights outright (I don't have the audience yet). Its all part of getting out there and back into the world - physically moreso than online but I'll get myself there later.

   For now, enjoy the background and reading of TSH, it's 30 mins long, but just skip to 14 minutes if you'd rather hear the reading - go ahead, I won't judge you! And I'll try and keep things up to date.

   Cheers all!

Friday, 17 August 2018

What do you get when you combine the coverup of 300 pedo priests and 1000+ sexual abuse survivors in Pennsylvania?

   As facts would have it, a Silent Pope and some apologist cardinal in New York, and who knows how many more "apologists" to come forward?

   And as Jesus said (paraphrased), "Pharisees and scribes, hypocrites all." And as it seems to be, going back to my psychotic claim that I was the mirror of Jesus, was my latest schizophrenic episode really a schizophrenic episode, or divine providence come upon me?

   Call me crazy, I think my first claim is more than just crazy, and my mission truly is world peace. I'll solve that at a later date, but I'm keeping hush hush on the next Best. Idea. Ever.

   Back to basics, I'm recording for my YouTube channel (link below) at the same time so bear with me

   Don't forget to trend the following hashtags


   Copy and paste away guys, get the groundswell going. Hit up your politicians, your business accounts, famous peoples accounts, get going! TAKE THIS GLOBAL, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOUR CWAGMIRE IS ALL ABOUT - BEING TRUE TO CHRIST, HIS PEACE, AND HIS COMPASSION!!!!

   I always wanted to be an activist, now is my time. Only I will protest properly, wherever I can in whatever way I can, peacefully but meaningfully. And I will take you on my journey, GoPro or NoPro. And if Centrelink doesn't come through that GoPro is going to be a while - and I bet I know which Satan is behind the fucktardery trying to hold me back.

   Again, you can't stop me motherfucker. He, the Lord, the Boss, has my back.

  Check the vid out at

  Take care all