Sunday, 20 October 2013

Been a while...

  Hi guys,

   Been a while since posting, I know, but its a little thing called life getting in the way, along with a wonderful thing we call CHANGE. Enough of the lollygagging, though; it has to be back to business, and by that I mean Hero of Talbadas.

   The edits are in, reviewed, and all but about to go into the upcoming 3rd edition (in case I haven't said it here already, I highly recommend INVISIBLE INK EDITING and the 3rd ed. will of course credit the Ink with the edits!). I'm tossing up ideas for increasing the print size of TSH (going up to a larger book size) but that for future, as I have to really get cracking with FSJ.

   All going to plan, and if I can make more time for FSJ, there will be a release date sometime soon (maybe February? not making promises). And as for History of Talbadas, still a bit non-committal so I'll update whenever I get around to it.

   That's enough for me, I'm taking a lazy Sunday with the family, and getting G'd up for that daily grind tomorrow (dear traffic, LEARN TO MERGE).

  Until the next post, have a good one,
  T.M. Shannon