Friday, 9 May 2014

   Hi guys,

   Yes, it's been a while, and yes I've been distracted plenty. No, it doesn't help it that I'm either slaying demons in Diablo 3 or stealing dragon's souls in Skyrim (jumping onto Youtube to watch Cops: Skyrim, ERock's cover of Skyrim theme, or the next Epic Trailer and Honest Rap Battle of History... hang on......)

   Anyway, it's been another uneventful Star Wars Day (belated May the Fourth to you all), namely because the darling other half and the little one are all the way over in Texas for a wedding and there's no Culvers, Samuel Adams and decent TexMex herein Oz... and don't even ask about IHOP. So its just me, the laptop, DI's hardstyle channel and nothing else to do but get on with FSJ.

   Seriously, has been a drag lately and I feel like I'm letting myself down a bit, but I'm getting on with Dresden making his way to Caral-Hilde (at last, I hear you say). I will admit it's a struggle to get on with it, what with the story already written and now me ripping out the dross to get to the heart of the story The next big decision is how long until you see the first battle scene, and how swiftly I can bring the narrative to the what I intended.

  On the plus side, its a matter of getting there in fewer books, not adding a second part to book four and book five for the sake of it. Oh well, enough of my ranting (and the Hardstyle channel for a bit), I'm going back into Talbdadas.

  BTW sorry about the ads. Yes, I know I'm selling out, but at least I've cut out the dating sites for you!

   As always, Have a good one!
   T. M. Shannon