Sunday, 24 February 2013

From the Desk of the Author - 24 Feb 2013

Dear followers and visitors

What a difference a week has made.  From the heady heights of flogging off 439 copies in my Kindle Free Days, sales of TSH have dropped off to the roundest of numbers, 0.  But I'm not disappointed; in fact, at the moment it's a waiting game for the reviews to start coming in, and very soon there will be the official media release!

I have a plan, and if I can pull it off, it seems that the follow-on to TSH, The Fear, The Sundering, The Journey will be ready for release in 3 months.  "How?" you might ask.  Well this is the benefit of having worked on a project for six years.  FSJ already exists on paper, except I have planned to make a fair few changes to the narrative so it flows better, and gets where it needs to go quicker.  Don't want to dally, but the Hero of Talbadas has a purpose in life...

So anyway I'm going to shift to end of week updates, and resume the History of Talbadas (sorry if you're hanging out for a new entry but the book comes first; the history to the fantasy world, which authors might sell for a price, or else bury in some appendix or another, is going to be available mostly free for you to enoy.

I say "mostly free" because I'm not giving everything away; but the history will help understand a lot of the background to Talbadas and its place in history.

And if I'm done before three months, I'll start writing something else - maybe the Misadventures of the Evil Patrick Dempsey (duh-duh-duhm). Head full of ideas and all that!

Stay tuned and send me your wonderful reviews, am looking forward to hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly - will gladly post your views here.

T. M. Shannon

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart Paperback


Don't forget you can get TSH in Paperback 50% off in my CreateSpace store.

Just head over to and use code FZKMTQGH to get your copy 50% off! for the next two weeks!

Kindle version $3.09.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

End of Freebies

Final update from 7pm (2 hours later)

As best I can tell I finished at #31 out of the top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free on Kindle; past that, I moved 439 units.  Still, that for me is a groundbreaking achievement.

To all purchasers, I certainly hope you enjoy, and again hope there aren't too many mistakes to drag things down.  I take typos, doubled words and continuity seriously, but as an Indie with limited funds and no editor (Yeah, sure, like lawyers work in offices and drive cars." - Lionel Hutz) you have to admit I do pretty well for a first time effort.

Your feedback is now the most important thing to me, and I wait with anticipation for your likes and even your hates - without you, I can't learn how to become a better author, or find where I went wrong in the past to go better in future.

It's your story now.  Enjoy!

T.M. Shannon


17:00 Sydney Time / 22:00 PST

With two hours to go, movement has slowed to a trickle with only 3 units sold since 15:45.  TSH has moved 434 copies, and has held steady at #31 out of the Top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free (although the item page still shows #27).

I've held some good company, cosying up to both the RR's (next door in the paid section - as to when I can get near them in the paid section itself time will have to tell).

Last Drinks update due at the close of the bargain tonight; thanks to all who have purchased I hope you're enjoying as we speak!

15:45 Sydney Time

The slip has set in, only 2 units sold in the last 45 mins - 431 total.  TSH has gone down to #31.  Looks like the gift horse has bolted but I'm still not looking it in the mouth!

Still, thats 431 units more than 0!  And looks like you're all safe from tutu-time!

TSH Free on Kindle - 5 hours to go!

14:20 Sydney Time (19:20 Tuesday, PST)

With 5 hours remaining TSH has re-gained a bit of ground, with 429 sales and a step up to #27 of the Top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free on Kindle.

This position has its benefits.  Forget GRR, I'm next to the master himself, JRR.  (of course I have fewer songs, dinners, hobbits, one less Gollum, one less giant eyeball and a lot less rings; and don't have the studious background to create an entire working language [kudos])

More updates to come!

TSH for Free on Kindle Final Hours Update

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the last 13 hours 45 minutes you can get The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart for free on Kindle.  I'll keep you posted through the day.

I've set a target of 500 copies to absolutely embarrass myself reading the opening chapterts to my book in Martin Place and posting the results on youtube.  Unlike a politician, I keep my promises; so you get me over the line you'll be in for a treat.

No timeaning me to be lofty, but if you can get me to 600 Edin knows bounty might befall...

05:15 Wed 20/2/13 Sydney (10:15 19/2/13 PST) - 13:45 hrs remaining

TSH begins at 392 copies moved in Kindle Free Days, and is currently sitting at #23 out of the Top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free on Kingle.  Staring down the barrel of 400, is it possible to get to 500?

Just before 11:00am Sydney time

TSH has climbed to 410 copies, but has stalled.  My FB has failed, tried a new one but nothing for the last 3 hours even though there was a magic "approved" email.  TSH is now sitting at #28 in the top 100 and unless sales pick up, I expect to start dropping down the list.  At least I beat 25!

Nonetheless 410 in 5 days is much better than expected.  Now relying on your wonderful reviews to help the transition into paid sales!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

TSH turns full circle - 360 copies sold

Guess whay?  The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart has sold 360 copies in 4 of its 5 Kindle Free Days - statistically, that's 90 copies a day!

The time is now 18:59pm Tuesday in Sydney, and 23:59 Monday PST - and there are only 24 hours left to get it free, before it reverts to $3.09 on Kindle.

For those of you aching to get your hands on a physical copy - you glorious old-schoolers you! - you can get The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart at a 50% discount for the following two weeks, but only through my CreateSpace store here!

Copy in the code below to get your discount!



TSH has hit a very special number indeed...

Then reached the oddly tittilating milestone of 343, causing a slight guilty spark...

(not the only Spartan who likes a good read)

Monday, 18 February 2013

TSH on Kindle for Free - sorry, last drinks called.

The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart for Free has finished.  It is now available for purchase on for $3.09.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Free Previews

You can also find my sample chapters on CreateSpace, including a brief survey about the work, so you can let me know what you think.

Read the first four chapters here: 

Visit Caral-Hilde, the capital of Talbadas, here:

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Hero has come...

The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart is available now available on Kindle for $3.09.

Monday, 11 February 2013

To a Kingdom facing darkness, a hero HAS come!

The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart is available for purchase!

You can purchase The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart from my CreateSpace eStore here:

To celebrate the release, get $5 off purchase price on my eStore.  Just enter the following
code into the Options & Discount section of the cart, and click Apply Discount to receive:


Follow my blog for details of more release information, including the 15 Review Copy Giveaway
(one copy for you to enjoy, provided you get your feedback on Facebook or right here on Blogspot,
add it to your own blog or somebody else's, letting the world know what you think of the book!),
as well as news and reviews as they become available.
Further review copies will only be made available to legitimate press - that means I'll on Google checking addresses, making a few calls after this time.
Keep you posted,
T. M. Shannon

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Follow the history behind my novel The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart.

Look forward to seeing you there!

T. M. Shannon

As the Gunners famously declared, "Welcome to the Jungle."

Hello, Hola, Guten Tag, Salut, or however you say it in your language.

I am a first time author due to publish very soon through CreateSpace, with my work The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart to be made available initially through (as well as and, and with a Kindle version - because hey, apparently that works.

I work full time, pay rent, and have a head full of ideas.  I am currently "living the dream" in Sydney, Australia with my darling other half, and a 99% well-behaved son.

Currently on my last proofing run, if I can find all my errors by this weekend, it will be available to purchase next week!  Looking forward to that first sale, that first like on Facebook, that first LinkedIn follower, that first person who says "great read, can't wait for the next book."