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- The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart -

"The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart is a new work by a new author, and what a tale this author has to tell. With the very first pages, I was sucked in by the "in media res" of the story, which begins with some world building and the introduction of Dresden, the titular Hero of Talbadas, dallying with an elf. We then flash back to the beginnings of Dresden's, and the kingdom's, long trials. The story slowed down a little bit at this point, but that was probably a necessity. We have to know who Dresden is and who he was before he became a hero.
The writing in the book is crisp, precise. The details of Dresden's fighting style are intriguing, and the clear descriptions definitely helped me understand exactly how the characters moved, a feat when writing an action scene. There is humor throughout the book, and the author has set up an intriguing set of alterna-pantheons. Can't wait to learn more about each, and clashes between the various sects.
The promise of this series is exciting. This first volume is merely the start of everything to come. There are definite similarities to "A Song Of Ice And Fire," I think. Not in terms of plot, but in the fact that like ASOIAF, this story will take volumes to tell, each piece building on the last, becoming bigger, more exciting, more epic. Because we know from this very first novel that Talbadas will fall. It is the particulars which we want to know. And once it has fallen, what will emerge from the ashes?"
This review from Justin Bloch, posted on Goodreads, who gave a 5 star rating             

Started with a good pace and kept my attention. The only thing keeping me from rating it an easy 5 stars is the multiple cultures that confused me a bit. Other than this i thoroughly enjoyed the book. Very good fights and enough sadism to keep me wanting the hero to prevail. I definitely look forward to the next installment of the series.
This review from Brayden Webb,posted on Goodreads, who gave a 4 star rating

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