Sunday, 26 August 2018

So I've had to hit reset and start small to become big. Anyway, here's a chapter reading!

   Hi Guys,

   So yeah, I've had to hit the reset button on Your CWAGmire. And I've been forgetting my writing. And a hole bunch of other stuff to do with the rigmaroles of online dating. And I've been forgetting myself.

   That's just how my life goes, but here's some good news on both parts, and an adoption of a frugal lifestyle - now only one year to go on my phone plan at $90 but I should be able to drop down in prices as data becomes cheaper.

   But enough of that, here's the good news, I've just posted a bit of background and a quick reading on The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart as part of the reset. Joy for you, you get to see and hear me break it down to brass tacks (ugh cliches are so cliche) and start with what I'm good at, the writing.

   And yes, as I've posted, got my new work Three Ways on the back burner, so I'm going to churn out part one for adoption onto Amazon and kindle - be warned, not professionally edited, but I'm going to whip out the fine toothed comb and make sure its in good order. Thanks to my last editor, my writing has improved and is more economical, but I'll let the professional eyes go over things in a couple of months - money still tight, but them's the breaks.

   So, will be in more contact, and more on the YouTube front, Your CWAGmire to go from the start again as a personal journey rather than hit the lofty heights outright (I don't have the audience yet). Its all part of getting out there and back into the world - physically moreso than online but I'll get myself there later.

   For now, enjoy the background and reading of TSH, it's 30 mins long, but just skip to 14 minutes if you'd rather hear the reading - go ahead, I won't judge you! And I'll try and keep things up to date.

   Cheers all!

Friday, 17 August 2018

What do you get when you combine the coverup of 300 pedo priests and 1000+ sexual abuse survivors in Pennsylvania?

   As facts would have it, a Silent Pope and some apologist cardinal in New York, and who knows how many more "apologists" to come forward?

   And as Jesus said (paraphrased), "Pharisees and scribes, hypocrites all." And as it seems to be, going back to my psychotic claim that I was the mirror of Jesus, was my latest schizophrenic episode really a schizophrenic episode, or divine providence come upon me?

   Call me crazy, I think my first claim is more than just crazy, and my mission truly is world peace. I'll solve that at a later date, but I'm keeping hush hush on the next Best. Idea. Ever.

   Back to basics, I'm recording for my YouTube channel (link below) at the same time so bear with me

   Don't forget to trend the following hashtags


   Copy and paste away guys, get the groundswell going. Hit up your politicians, your business accounts, famous peoples accounts, get going! TAKE THIS GLOBAL, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOUR CWAGMIRE IS ALL ABOUT - BEING TRUE TO CHRIST, HIS PEACE, AND HIS COMPASSION!!!!

   I always wanted to be an activist, now is my time. Only I will protest properly, wherever I can in whatever way I can, peacefully but meaningfully. And I will take you on my journey, GoPro or NoPro. And if Centrelink doesn't come through that GoPro is going to be a while - and I bet I know which Satan is behind the fucktardery trying to hold me back.

   Again, you can't stop me motherfucker. He, the Lord, the Boss, has my back.

  Check the vid out at

  Take care all

Monday, 6 August 2018

I proudly present Your CWAGmire

   Hi Guys,

   It's been a while since I called you that, and since I wrote anything, and the good news is I've signed up to some writing groups on Meetup and going to shove myself back in. Unfortunately I'm in a really fraught position and monetarily stressed - but apparently you have to be in rental arrears (and have proof of being in rental arrears) to qualify for hardship... and maybe its another week on bread and peanut butter, milk for tea and breakfast... but I've survived 36 years of abject torment, parental neglect and abuse (thanks mum), being moved around a lot, picked on in a number of schools, sexually abused - touched up by a family friend several times, my scoutmaster giving me "sex education" (an inter-thigh quickie) twice, and the stranger who's car I got into the FOURTH time I ran away, trying to escape my home situation...

   Yes, when they say "don't get into a stranger's car, bad things will happen to you" listen to that sage advice. Yeah, they do bad things. And when you're in a bad place and indentured to abuse (thanks, my scoutmaster) you'll go through it though PTSD will come back and haunt you in about 14 years - I know that fo shizzle.

   Speaking of fo shizzle I'm actually looking forward to Superfly - if only for the epic cars but should be good to get some good old blacksploitation especially after Luke Cage and Black Panther (Luke Cage FTW in my opinion - I miss netflix, they need an on demand where you can just watch a few shows, or pay for them like vids on YouTube).

   Back to the basics, heres links to my YouTube channel, tomorrow (7th August 2018) I'm embarking on my new journey, my purpose in life, and its going to be busking to start with but I know a way forward now. And hopefully it will lead to the entirety of my grandiose company vision that's still hard to pin down and going to take a bit to prove it will work - viability vs business plan, the struggles.

  I know I've said it before, but this is real now, and I'm going into the world tomorrow - after church and the nanna's reading group (and tea and biscuits, so awesome). And after I get some cash up and get to the bank, I'm going to do what I wanted to do but with the people who really need to be interviewed, since we all walk past them and I have too, but that's interview the homeless - and make them a cup of tea or coffee. I know, I'm so nice, charity from the heart, Jesus points and all that.

   Not for a rise, or my ego, but because it's the right and kind thing to do, to be truly chivalrous. What's that you say, chivalry is dead? Well I'll say straight back, LONG LIVE CHIVALRY!!!!!

   Here's the links, and to you lot, I'm so proud to be able to say this again,
   Have a good one!

   And no, I don't take life that seriously:

   Your CWAGmire playlist on PooTube

   Your CWAGmire on Faceplant

   Me on Faceplant

   The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart on Faceplant (soon to become TM Shannon - The Authornator)

   Pinstergram, $#itter links to follow of course!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

And just when you thought your coming was prophetic, in go the sedatives

So life went pearshaped on me, and I went pearshaped on life... ugh been a mostly positive week since but now... yeah not so much.


Today was meant to be a great week. Was great, then became less great, good, okay, on the mediocre side, and now? Just about flat arse broke.........

F. M. L...

And with that I guess I feel a little better. Better than nothing I suppose.

Oh well, I started a business. I have no capital (yet), But locked and loaded and fired up a YouTube channel.

But its been a joyous mess until today brought me back to earth... kinder than last week but still back down. And now, like I've done so many times before, I'm starting again.

Yeah, that last post was evidence of a psychotic break. It was a happy one, relatively, but a break nonetheless. I knocked over some signs, said a brief sermon on the steps of St Mary's Catharsis in Sydney, got the cops called on me, went in an ambulance in handcuffs (personal request), got psych evaluated, tried to walk out of St Vincent's hospital... and then had a very nice sleepy time. It's going to look awesome when I do a Benny Hill version (cop felt me up... nah it didn't do anything for him either).

But yeah, these are the dangers. I have mental illnesses. My life has been shit of late. I've still not learned my lesson. But I've got bread and butter in the fridge, a bucket load of coins, and things to do - sure I've been hoping for a miracle, but think I had mine already... well, every day seems lucky sometimes.

Oh well, back to the grind, trying to get somewhere, feeling like I'm getting nowhere, fighting again when I'm tired of fighting myself. I hope its the last time I sink this far, I hate it. I just wish I could be normal.

What else is there to do but go out into the world and make something of this nothing? It has a bit of a lofty goal, sure, but why the hell not? Here's hoping I can brighten someone's day and make them famous for a bit, if only for their friends. I'll get it somewhere, but for now I want to enter the world and bring the world back to me... okay, my city for now, but then total world domin.... ahhh meds kicking in again (lol).

This quagmire of ours asks for a hero. This minor hero - if only you knew the pain - wants to mend your quagmire, though maybe I can't. Still, it's worth a shot.

Hello, for real this time. I'm Trent Michael Shannon, and I'm ready to ask questions, question perceptions, try to bring you up to the boundaries of authority and maybe teach you to let go of yours. Its going to be, well, an interesting ride, and you guys are going to be in the lens for a change.

Time to say it out loud. I aim to be Your CWAGmire - that is, your "Christ" With A GoPro making it really interesting.

Ooh, did I say the other "C" word? Yes I did - it's nothing more than an allusion to the fact I happen to think similarly to that teacher turned preacher... treacher?... born about 4BC and died like 30AD - 33AD, you know the guy, big sun disc behind his head according to his profile pic. Its his title of office, his ideals, his wisdom, his pissing off the Pharisees to no end with payment of his taxes. Pretty much where I was like, "Wow."

Now about that GoPro.... fine I'll use my phone and my laptop until I can afford one. Sometime tomorrow, after thirty Hail Mary's (popping my cherry and that cyst in my left knee!) and a trip to Centrelink (documents not quite right, need printing and refiling, but trip out the house at least!), I'm going to start with just me, and a famous book, who's name means, "Book." Yep, imaginative.

Because my parents taught me, if I'm going to do a job, then do it right. My next Job? Go Catholic. Yep, been running away from a bunch of people wishing lost souls like me because how can the infinite be defined... Oh that simply? Done.

No I wont be preaching, but interpreting. Taking meaning and applying my knowledge and wisdom to a very misunderstood and sometimes quite mystical narrative.

And THEN I'll bother you with questions completely unrelated to this sudden change of tack in my life, at the cost of making you famous - on my YouTube channel at least. Here goes something...