Saturday, 30 November 2013

The wait is over... TSH 3rd Edition available this weekend!

   Hi guys,

   I know, I slacked off a bit more. These are the wonders of being an indie, self-pubbed author - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DEADLINE. But now that I've got that off my chest, here's another wonderful bit of news.

   You guessed it, time to bring Mad Mel back out of retirement:

   For the next week, but only on Goodreads, the 3rd Edition will be available for FREE, in its entirety. Come the 7th of December (that's the 6th of December for the mob on the other side of the International Date Line) the excerpt will be trimmed back to 25%. Sadly, no Kindle freebies this time, as I need to get TSH over onto Smashwords!

  So, if you feel the need to paint your face blue and run, bloodied and screaming like a madman, towards a free book, get yourself hooked up with Goodreads and take a dive straight into TSH (Don't forget to check out my other reviews, and since I'm promoting other people - friends only -, go onto Amazon, type in The Stolen Karma of Nathaniel Valentine, and enjoy the work by Justin Bloch [bring on your second book!])

  That's it from me today. I'm going back to the weekend, so as always...

   Have a good one!
   T. M. Shannon

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ok it took longer than nine days...

   Hi guys,

   Okay, it took longer than nine days, but TSH 3rd Edition will soon be out in paperback, and Kindle and Smashwords a few days afterwards!

   This is the final edit - thanks to Liam at Invisible Ink Editing - so after this, its changes to the cover only. I've opted for a larger page size, which changes the page count but not the quality contents!

   Now that these are done, I will settle down with FSJ and whatever manages to come to mind apart from finishing Hero of Talbadas.

   For now, I'm going back to watching Total Recall - the original version!

   Have a good one,
   T. M. Shannon

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Start the 9 day Countdown Clock...

   Hi guys,

   I know I've been promising the world, and that FSJ was supposed to be due out this year (before a slight mishap that has left me down since I let it happen). But since life goes on and it takes as long as it takes to get back on one's feet, especially fighting with debilitating memories of life-changing events that shouldn't happen but nevertheless have, changing jobs, selling my old DJ equipment and my vinyls (happy mixing, buyers!), watching Honest Trailers and Medieval Land Happy Time World too much on Youtube (ask me anytime how I feel about people that go Hadouken) and booking the missus, her mum and dad off to the Australian Open, here goes with an adjustment of the books.

   Guys, TSH is edited, thanks again to Liam over at Invisible Ink Editing, and I've spent half of today making just a few changes to fit it into the new formatting - I've gone for a bigger page now, which makes the book just that one bit taller and slimmer. That done, I've decided that, what better time to celebrate my own birthday than to put TSH back out there, in its final edit - so from here on it'll be changes to the cover only (but I'm keeping the same one for now).

  So, this 19th of November, if you're looking for a copy, you'll find the new and improved version floating about for your pleasure. Grab it and enjoy, or I'll send Halm Forgen around to dunk you down a well (more about that with FSJ, which is the next part of my plan for Total World Domination).

   That's it for the good news, the great news will be the updates on FSJ, and perhaps a long-awaited review of History of Talbadas. Who knows, maybe another chapter on the History blog? Catch you all soon.

   Once again and as always, have a good one!
   T. M. Shannon