Saturday, 25 May 2013

May Last Post

   Hi guys,

   Well, been a fun month, and yes I've been posting like crazy.  The VBT has come to an end (with my congratulations to my free eBook winners!) and I have now moved onto Smashwords.

   I have updated the Where to Buy page, including new purchasing opportunities. Apart from Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle and Smashwords, you can also find The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart at Barnes & Noble and for the Kobo eReader.  Further links will be included as they become available - I'll soon be on Nook!

   Also keep your eye on the Shared Links page, I'll have updated information in there soon

   As the month draws to a close, you'll notice a slow-down in posting (and hopefully an increase in the History of Talbadas, but it's a bit hard balancing work, family, writing, watching Arrow, and trying to fit in gaming night).  Something will have to break, and hopefully its not the writing!

   With that, I'll bid adieu, as I don't expect a need to post for the next few days, though there may be one more spot in me.  Got to cut down and get back on the hardstyle and the manuscript.

   Have a good one,
   T. M. Shannon

Monday, 20 May 2013

Lucky Last Stop

   Hi guys,

   Well, it's been a great run, but the tour is drawing to a close.  You can catch my Writer's Process here at Lori's Reading Corner.  Don't forget to see everything else that Lori has to offer; there will also be a bonus free copy of The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart given away!

   I'd like to thank all my hosts for all my spots, and thank you for checking them out.  The eBook giveaway ends in 16 hours from posting, hope you have your entry in to win a copy.  But though the end of the Tour, it's not the end of Talbadas or Halm Dresden.

   Stay tuned here for a once-a-month post, plus I'm running behind on the History of Talbadas blog.  Bear with me, I'm getting back on track after letting my concentration wane (OK, it's not 100% the fault of Arrow, and the other half's viewing of The Voice, but that's what I'm going to blame!).

   Thanks once again, and look forward to you enjoying TSH!

   T. M. Shannon

Friday, 17 May 2013

Review at Deal Sharing Aunt

   Hi guys,

   I've got another review up, and have managed to get 3/5 for TSH!  You can see the review here at Deal Sharing Aunt (sorry, forgot to link this earlier).

   This blog also has a number of other reviews up, so who knows, you might find something else you might like.  Don't forget the the free ebooks giveaway either!

   T. M. Shannon

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

And yet another VBT stop...

   Hi again,

   The next stop on the VBT is up and live, you can catch an interview with me on the Writing Innovations E-Zine.

   Don't forget the free eBooks giveaway, not long to go now!

   T. M. Shannon

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Next Stop on the VBT

   Hi guys,

   Feel free to check out my next VBT stop at Wise Words Book Blogger, where you can see my writer's process.  Don't forget the free ebooks giveaway, through the Rafflecopter entry form at the bottom of the blog - 5 free copies of the 2nd Edition to giveaway!

   The next stop will be tomorrow, more details then!

   T. M. Shannon

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Again with the Forging Scene, and Other Matters...

   Hi guys,

   Well, I've got another review of TSH up, this time on Amazon from someone I have not had contact with (yay!).  Another Two Star review (not so yay), with one particular comment: how they skipped the 10-20 pages of the forging scene (wha...).

   This time its a lot easier to handle, and I can respect a dislike of a scene based on personal taste.

   But seriously scene was skipped?   That seriously concerns me, as there is more to the overall scene than just three rods of metal getting redrawn, heated and hammered, twisted together, put in a mould, connected to an Armiger hilt, sharpened and sold to the customer (without the hilt, mind, for very good reason).

   This is a scene I've looked at backwards and forwards.  Given further, professional editing, maybe Metallurgy can be reduced by a page.  I could take out the song, or Gilthia's back story, but that robs the narrative of an integral character, and an introduction to the Duries; it also robs the narrative of Badrack and Gilthia falling in love - one of my favourite moments of TSH.

   It leaves me to beg readers - please stick with the scene!  There is more to the forging of Dresden's sword than Norse forging techniques.  It draws light to the smithing process: its not just tapping metal a few times and, lo and behold, pulling out the best sword ever made.  It also gives praise to the struggle of making the sword and the people who went to the trouble of making it - their conflict against metal, if you will.

   And that's something forgotten with Narsil, Glamdring and Sting from Lord of the Rings.  Thankfully, John Milius didn't forget it in Conan the Barbarian...

   Speaking of sticking with it, my Blogs and that Virtual Book Tour of mine.  Yes, I've been a bit quiet on both fronts lately.  After a bit of a hiccup on the tour (all fixed now), you can find another spotlight here at Mass Musings, and my guest post at Bikers with Books.  Don't forget you can win one of (at least) 5 review copies of The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart, too!

   As for the Blogs, I've discovered its hard balancing a fortnightly posting of the History and even the weekly moments of the Author blog (and I've given up on the third blog) for now.  I've decided to go for a once a month posting of the Author page (aiming for the 10th of every month - I know, I'm late), and the History of Talbadas blog (aiming for the 20th of every month, hopefully I can get the time in the next few days).

   Don't forget to check out my Shared Links page, I owe a few shares, so don't forget to check out the links and see if you like what you see.

   So that's it from me.  Hope you all have a good week, and Happy Mother's Day.

   T. M. Shannon

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Yes it denotes sheer fanboyism, but...

   May he Fourth be with you this Star Wars day.

   Just read on euronews that, as per some fans, we should be celebrating Revenge of the 5th tomorrow.  Yes, it's geeky, but it means I get to wear my Yoda t-shirt today for an "official reason."  Then again there's further official reason on the 25th (date of Episode 4's release) - which in 2027 is going to be an epic party.

   Well, that's it for me for this week's post, cementing myself forever as Star Wars Fan (see, nothing fancy like a Twihard or derisive like Trekkies [just checked, they prefer Trekkers and use Trekkie as a form of derision]).

   The force will be with you, always,
   Tresh Korbel

   (P.S. Yes that is my name from when I ran it through the Star Wars Name Generator many moons ago)