Friday, 11 September 2015

Clean up on Chapter 6, some wonderful hints of the things to come, and lets pause and remember today.

   Hi Guys!

   Well, it's a Friday night, I'm sitting with the little one watching Cars, so I thought I'd make a bit of post - and why not? It's not like it costs me anything but time to blog (or those ads to the right are making me money - I'll take your silence as thanks for cutting out all the dating sites because frankly they annoy the pants off me too!).

   So, anyway, a chapter update. And yes, bit slow these few weeks as I'm only part way through chapter six (and a delicate little romantic motion - that I actually have to change a little to make it that one bit more hot).

   But it's not doom and gloom, because I in my slip towards "writer's block" I realised that I was stopping because scenes weren't enough to pique my interest, breaking the flow, and I had to rethink things. So I did, and maybe there's a bit of time to get back tonight - alright you twisted my arm, back to the works, but after I have the very happy update that...

   The reason I lost momentum with the Novel Formerly Known as Prince A Flight Away was because I started it wrong. Well, not the prologue where on the blog, that's staying for impact. But trying to start Mark Cray's piloting career getting his private pilot's license was just breaking my bank, and breaking the sort-of action movie flow I was going for.

   But being set in the US, you'll need to wait until I show off my home city of Sydney first (and its diverse suburbs) before I take a flight up to Washington state - was that another hint? You bet it was! And while I'm speaking of hints, I'm going to leave you the cryptic three dimensional conundrum below for the adventure to come:

   And there you have it. Cars is almost over, little one's going to bed, and I'm going to pollute my ears with some nineties Eurodance

   But before I go, it's a bit hard not to forget that if we fast forward about an hour or so, and go back 14 years, today is a pretty sad day. I know I pursue some dark subject matters, if only for entertainment, but I don't forget the impact that real tragedy has on people's lives, even to complete strangers on the other side of the world who found out the next day that evil stalked our world again.

   We know what this day means, and how it affects us in small ways, and for those who lost their loved ones in three buildings and four aircraft, either the innocent victims or the brave few who stayed until the end to get whoever they could out. Let's not forget any of them today, or any day into the unknown future.

   In memory of the many this September 11, and may we never face horrible, pointless, tragic death, anywhere in our world, in public or in private.

   T. M. Shannon

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

CHAPTER 6 KIDS! And I'm also hanging out for Fallout 4

   Hi guys!

   Yes, that is an exclamation mark you saw there, because, like other great day with the comrades as you sail into history (even though nations involved will assure you nothing ever happened), I HIT CHAPTER 6 LIST NIGHT!

   Cue those fireworks!

   My new work is going gangbusters, and I will be working overtime tonight, tomorrow, the next day (but I will have to fire the gaming PC up for a warm up soon) to get through the first act in short order, and then we might talk some titles.

   In fact, the creative juices are running so well I've realised why I couldn't get started with the Novel Formerly Known As A Flight Away - set up is all wrong. Granted, I'll get back to that adventure, it just needs more of an initial flow and to get further along into its story; but retain the initial part of the first chapter at Karen's garden - yep, a clue! In other news, look out Washington State, I'm going to make you a home away from home (and going to have to visit a certain town).

   But anyway, back to proper matters. Yep, I put $20 down on the up and coming Fallout 4. A late convert to the series, but always intrigued by the joyous wonder that is Vault Boy, I've been making some progress in New Vegas and liking it so far - but damned if I don't care about the Legion, NCR and Mr House is no longer a hassle.

   So come November I'll be back to another side of the wasteland making like its Mad Max without the cars, because I'm not going to buy the game that looks like Fallout With Cars (and doesn't have Vault Boy, 50's paranoia, and some awesome old songs!)

  Sadly I'll be out of the country on launch day (in that great tradition, I'll be GTT!), but a nice happy belated birthday, because that particular present will be a 13 hour flight back to Sydney. Oh well, I'll power up the week after.

   Anyways, I'm back to the writing, and hoping the cold I've come down with goes away real quick (my brain hurts!), and for your clue of my present work, I'll give the Number of the Day (sorry, 4 yo son, there's a bit of Sesame Street in my daily TV diet), which is 3. Letter to follow.

   Catch up sooner than soon, and as always, have a good one!
   T. M. Shannon