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      Its now 10/01/20, and I've been furiously scraping the dross out of Three Ways. I was trying to reach December's #PitMad but wasn't done - hello, editors fatigue, but I have whipped out the ultimate self-editing tool, Narrator - and have picked up so many missing words, missing punctuation, and tightened things to how I really want to write.

      If only I could afford the editor this time around (sorry Invisible Ink, you were going to get my repeat business!), but these are the breaks in my Bipolar 1 life - careless spending. But in good news, I only have four chapters left to rewrite before I go through the final read through. Hope to finish soon.

      T. M.

Previously on Before I Had Other Things Come Up In Life:

   15/01/19, and no I really hadn't posted updates or really got onto FSJ... well, a bit, but another idea bit me in the bum, that being Three Ways.

   So I'll be going the same route, first print on demand paperback and Kindle, then I'll sort out Smashwords and all that (and the nuclear option fun to have with that). But before that, I'm about three pages out from finishing a chapter and continuing the first polishing and typo run. Hopefully I can get the first edition up and out there for you all to enjoy!

   Cheers, TS

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  As at 27/02/2014, The 3rd Edition of The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart (as edited by Liam @ Invisible Ink Editing) is available at Amazon and on Kindle. While I have not formulated the Smashwords version yet, I'll get onto this soon. For now, if I can keep momentum up, I can be onto the third act of The Fear, The Sundering, The Journey.

   Everything going to plan, I may have FSJ out before the end of the year. Pulling the stops, maybe come July? Keep you all posted!


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