Monday, 2 March 2015

Sample My Work, and "Live long and prosper."

   Hi guys,

   Well I promised, and have delivered: A Flight Away (working title) is officially born, and you can now sample the prologue right here on this blog.

   As I said before, this will be the start of something big. And of course, while my readers are certainly aware of subject matters I'm not afraid to cross, to new readers, I do give warning:

   While there is no specific violence, the subject matter beginning A Flight Away is very strong and emotionally moving, and may be distressing to some. I assure readers, as I also vouch for a number of scenes in The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart, I found myself crying a number of times in writing this.

   Rest assured this is only a beginning, but you will know Mark Cray's burden (henceforth copyrighted). How well will he cope with this? I don't expect to be saying any time soon!

   And what will become "as always," A Flight Away will be dedicated to my niece, Carla Elise Whitton, who I promised my sister and brother-in-law I'd never forget.

   And in other, bigger news this weekend, we bid farewell to actor Leonard Nimoy - synonymous with his most memorable (and certainly most logical) role as Mr. Spock. We haven't lost so much as had an opportunity to enjoy his talent throughout the years, and for that we should truly say thanks. There are only two lines best suited for this moment, both from Wrath of Khan, but we know well the setting in which those lines were said, and what makes those lines so poignant.

   I'll stick with a simple farewell, and thanks for the enduring memories.

   Until next I write (and maybe you read),

   Have a good one!
   T. M. Shannon