The Hero of Talbadas

   Beginning with my first novel, The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart, the Hero of Talbadas follows the journey of Halm Dresden, a young farmer who discovers that his father's dying words, the actions of two elves, and a nightmare vision have put him on a destined path.

  The Third Edition of The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart was released in November, following editing through Invisible Ink (thanks heaps Liam!).  Now with a leaner prose, TSH flows the way it needs to, and also sees a decrease in the page count.

     You can currently purchase TSH in paperback or on kindle through, or in paperback only through my CreateSpace eStore.  You can find all the details on my Where to Buy page.

   Coming soon, Halm Dresden's journey continues in The Fear, The Sundering, The Journey.  I'm aiming for a release sometime in 2014, and hope to have my re-write and proofing done in time for release, however am not making promises.  TSH 3rd Ed. will also soon be available through Smashwords.

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