Friday, 13 September 2013

"Looks like we got ourselves a reader..."

   Hi guys,

   Those above are words given to the late Bill Hicks on what he called his "UFO tours,"through middle America, as he was sitting in a diner reading a book. It might be 6:40pm on Friday night in Sydney, but I've got just that, too.

   From TSH's spot on Goodreads, I've just got a four-star review (take that, you wretched fan-fiend of another author!). About the only criticism leveled was the large number of cultures present in TSH - guilty as charged, but its a fantasy and there need to be cultures and diversity, just like the real world.

   While making no apologies for ambition, when there's more time I'll have it all laid out in the History blog, as I'd prefer to keep the appendixes on the free market rather than cooped up at the back of the book (and who wants 20 pages of backstory at the back?). But I'm not complaining: the reader said the pace was good and the fights very good, and certainly views like this are what will keep me writing!

   So thanks brayden from Goodreads, glad that you enjoyed my first book; to all other potential readers, I sure hope you get to enjoy TSH too.

   Cheers and have a good weekend,
   T.M. Shannon

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