Tuesday, 14 March 2017

"Well, well, well... Look who's come crawling back."

   Hey all,

   Yes, its a bit like the mocking of Lisa Simpson's brain, having hauling my way back to some semblance of reality after everything else bailed out of the pool. For the writing, definitely, and also the old private life which ended up going a bit skewiff...off tangent...batcrap crazy (I have pages of these I can go on).

   And yeah, been a while since coming back here. Thems the breaks for having depression and anxiety while working two jobs to fund the writing habit which festered as it happens on the backburner of a backburner that is "I really should write."

   At least the previous days I've been able to make some headway in Three Ways so maybe there'll be a book sometime next year, but as with most of my writing I get restive and sometimes excitable and up and down like its nobody's business - but that's the creative side and it somehow seems to work. And that was something of a relief.

   I can waffle on at times, but this one really is going to be short and sweet. Short story is I'm now flatmate hunting, got a couple of clear days this week to squeeze some more writing in, I've sold out and gotten Telstra mobile broadband, and I really need to sort out the repressed go out on a shindig side again (and that's going to be fun).

   Here's cheers at least for getting going with the writing again, and of course my usual hope that whoever you are reading this, you (as always) have a good one.

  Other than that, expect some more blogging and maybe some writing progress updates (and that sample chapter I promised) soon. The only thing I can't be certain of is exactly HOW soon that'll be.

  Fingers crossed all,
  T. M.

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