Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas (and a Merry Solstice from Talbadas)

   Hi guys,

   Well, silly season is upon us again, and that includes forgetting what I promised last post: to whit, getting to work on The Fear, The Sundering, The Journey.  That kind of fell astray, and instead an idea that's been floating around my head is making its way on the paper.

  That, and I've been playing a bit too much Skyrim, getting the gist of my new job, spending time in traffic, entertaining the little one, trying to figure out exactly where he put the Octonauts disc after swapping out to Peppa Pig.

   Since I'm not one to flagellate myself for finding myself changing plans a little, I'm running with the story of an Orc's journey through the afterlife, which is part of the groundwork for a future fantasy idea of mine (the one I want to make an RPG out of).

   So, with that idea of a future gift, I must hereby segue into the Christmas message. Here's hoping you and your families indeed have a good one this season, and hope its a happy new year. I'll be back in 2014 to get cracking with FSJ, and see if this new one can find a home on Kindle Direct Publishing.

   As always, have a good one,
   T.M. Shannon

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