Monday, 24 August 2015

Back Like That Thing You Do When You've Been Away From Your Blog For A While

   Hi guys!

   Long time no type (and for you no read), when I was last here Leonard Nimoy was beamed up and since then the closest I've been to Star Trek is Nostalgia Critic's Star Trek Month on YouTube. Oh well, him and Angry Joe took the mickey out of Wrath of Khan so still fun.

   And I bought a new gaming computer (Fallout 4 pre-ordered; Witcher 3 came,  looked great, story was crap and overblown and does NOT suit open world gameplay - need a Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, Fighters Guild and an Assassins Guild for that!)

   Speaking of YouTube, I've been using this site on this wonderful child of the nineties we call the world wide web to listen to those other wonderful children of the nineties, a whole bunch of Eurodance classics. My ears are throbbing from 20 year old beats, and its no mistake I'm bringing this up, because while I like my hardstyle, this trip back to 90's club mayhem is keeping me writing my new book.

   Just not A Flight Away, which is never going to happen. Well, it will under its proper title (under wraps just for now). I was going to have this whole trick shot and make it look like I was under legal threat from the law firm I have created for that work (which if you'd never seen Robocop you woudn't get the joke anyway).

   So for now, the journey of Mark Cray is being delayed due to poor weather and other fanciful developments (waiting for a race to finish, nothing special), and I'm now back behind the keyboard for something completely different.

   Strangely, I had an idea for a romance. Funny, huh? Epic sword fights, plane accidents and the propensity to have a book where people run around with guns... and I've promptly thrown that all to the wind and getting down for some semi-traditional boy meets girl, but none of this relentless pursuit of target mess like the T-800 looking for Sarah Connor.

   And strangely (IMHO of course), so far its good, and to a degree where parts of the story are very far advanced and just need to be written down. I'll probably end up a bit haphazard about it, but its coming together so far, and so far it's a surprising journey that I want to finish. I suppose it will help setting it in Sydney so for my overseas readers you'll get a taste of Worlds Best City Ever, home to Best Olympic Games Ever, and Most Awesome New Years Eve fireworks.

   Don't believe me? Just check out last year!

   But enough bragging, I'm sure you think the same of your cities (but we still own NYE). I'm going back to Word and if I'm not singing Haddaway, Snap!, 2 Unlimited, DJ Bobo, Real McCoy, Culture Beat or La Bouche for my next blog there'll be something wrong with me.

   Long live the 90's, and as always have a good one!

   T. M. Shannon

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