Wednesday, 2 September 2015

CHAPTER 6 KIDS! And I'm also hanging out for Fallout 4

   Hi guys!

   Yes, that is an exclamation mark you saw there, because, like other great day with the comrades as you sail into history (even though nations involved will assure you nothing ever happened), I HIT CHAPTER 6 LIST NIGHT!

   Cue those fireworks!

   My new work is going gangbusters, and I will be working overtime tonight, tomorrow, the next day (but I will have to fire the gaming PC up for a warm up soon) to get through the first act in short order, and then we might talk some titles.

   In fact, the creative juices are running so well I've realised why I couldn't get started with the Novel Formerly Known As A Flight Away - set up is all wrong. Granted, I'll get back to that adventure, it just needs more of an initial flow and to get further along into its story; but retain the initial part of the first chapter at Karen's garden - yep, a clue! In other news, look out Washington State, I'm going to make you a home away from home (and going to have to visit a certain town).

   But anyway, back to proper matters. Yep, I put $20 down on the up and coming Fallout 4. A late convert to the series, but always intrigued by the joyous wonder that is Vault Boy, I've been making some progress in New Vegas and liking it so far - but damned if I don't care about the Legion, NCR and Mr House is no longer a hassle.

   So come November I'll be back to another side of the wasteland making like its Mad Max without the cars, because I'm not going to buy the game that looks like Fallout With Cars (and doesn't have Vault Boy, 50's paranoia, and some awesome old songs!)

  Sadly I'll be out of the country on launch day (in that great tradition, I'll be GTT!), but a nice happy belated birthday, because that particular present will be a 13 hour flight back to Sydney. Oh well, I'll power up the week after.

   Anyways, I'm back to the writing, and hoping the cold I've come down with goes away real quick (my brain hurts!), and for your clue of my present work, I'll give the Number of the Day (sorry, 4 yo son, there's a bit of Sesame Street in my daily TV diet), which is 3. Letter to follow.

   Catch up sooner than soon, and as always, have a good one!
   T. M. Shannon

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