Thursday, 19 November 2015

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to...

   And you would blog too if you had nothing else to do.

   Oh, hi guys, nearly didn't see you there.

   Calling it 10 days since my last blog and yes its very hot here in Sydney today (where was this weather on the weekend when it rained, damn it?) and is meant to be worse tomorrow. TGIF at least but yeah, we'll see how things go.

   Anyway, as the weather continues hot, yes, I've finished the first part of the book, and am having a little bit of trouble with the next section for now, but all things in perspective WOO HOO! It's a lot of progress to get 100 + pages into a work, heading for the all important middle and the further build of tension and conflict and stuff.

   Yeah, I'm thinking there's going to be a sample coming extremely soon, let me get some logistics out of the way and I'll punch it through. And yeah, I've gotta say my book is turning out more interesting to muck around with than Fallout 4 (nice graphics, good setting and just a hint of a good reason to stomp around post-apocalyptic Boston in a power armour zapping stuff with a minigun you've renamed Ol' Painless). Well, I'll jump back in the wasteland soon, but yeah, I'm achieving with my work, and I'm moving further into it, so the next logical step is pretty much completion!

   As it stands, my book is beginning to teach me a lot about myself, so yeah more than a hint that this work is much closer to home than I expected. That said, be warned you'll only see a stripped down version of the opening chapter - hate to tease but you're just going to have to wait until I'm published to get reading.

   Well, that's all I have, except that yes, today is my birthday, and while I'm happy I'm just a little bit ambivalent. But tomorrow is just another day (thanks Scarlet, but frankly, you know the rest). Peace, goodwill, love and mungbeans.

   Catch you all soon,
   T. M.

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