Monday, 9 November 2015

Sex and the City of Sydney (haha, see what I did there?)

   Hi guys,

   Yes, it's a bit like that, but sadly no, I'm not talking about myself (more on that sort of thing later). But yes it's all about my new book which is coming along swimmingly.

   With all this time off work, I've been able to duck out to my local coffee shop for a couple of hours a day to get out of the house and do my writing. Then come home and do more writing. The last couple of days, in between throwing Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas on B(FALLOUT 4 TOMORROW, WOOO!) - ahem - I've moved from Chapter 6 where you all know I turned out to be rather stuck, and have just completed chapter 12.

   Which itself is a monumental achievement, I'm nearly done the first act, so that means there's about to be a plot twist (shhh, pretend I didn't say that!) - with that, Black Ops rules will apply, so from here on it will only be chapter updates and how things are shaping up, other than that it's going to be pretty dark until I'm able to publish - we'll see about that, my hope is by end of this year but once I'm back at work my writing time will decrease. 2 chapters a week and I'll be happy.

   But anyway, back to the title of the blog, and yes I've stepped into a pretty big world. More or less the adult world otherwise known as erotic fiction - and when I say erotic, simply I mean there is raunchy writing with very few allusions as to what's going on, but I'm not going into whips and chains, blindfolds, something to do with culinary delights. It's all one on one, consensual, "here's our relationship entering the bedroom" kind of a deal.

   And I gotta say, writing it turned out a little less racy than I thought. Sure I went into my own bedroom for mood only - and moved my bed to face another wall for setting (using real places makes it simple; real streets in the Sydney suburbs even better), but strangely while I got the necessary emotion and feel onto the page it wasn't at all that troublesome. Not as dicey as my fight scenes (those things get me all YEAH!), so maybe a bit more maturity coming out.\

   Don't worry, HoT fans, FSJ is still floating around on the backburner. As for those interested in the very new one, I reckon I can celebrate a release of the first chapter sometime soon, with more details to come, but yes it is a story about the ways we can look at our relationships and ourselves, the three ways I've identified as being the Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

   Simple, really, but ultimately very profound, and unlike anything I've written before (and may write since). I'm already very proud of my little project, and its going to go the distance. Its my hope you'll be able to see if very, very soon.

   For now, as always guys, have a good one, and I'll pop a few words from the Wasteland (and the next updates) online soon.
   T. M.

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