Tuesday, 19 March 2019

   Hi guys,

   Yes, I've been quiet. Yes, it's my thing. I'm isolationary.

   On the plus side, I've been quietly busy with whitesmoking, re-reading, editing Three Ways, and in very good news, I've finished the proofing stage and am ready to publish - but all things being fair, being unable to afford an editor this time, I will be doing further proofing runs as I go and updating the book as necessary!

   Oh, what fun, and excitement, and wow, and... well, meh.

   When I published TSH, I was full of excitement and beans, couldn't wait to share my work with the world (as messy as it was with the first edition). This time around, yes, I'm finding myself very ambivalent, and almost hesitant to put it out - not surprising, I was blocked for so long on this book, plus been at it for nearly 4 years (I surprised myself), and on my last read through I was getting very slow towards the end.

   Empty nesting? Maybe. Scared to kick my baby out the door into the dangerous world of reviews? Probably. Worried that, given Three Ways is actually the autobiographical first story I should have written, and putting that out there means I'm vulnerable, and open to criticism? Yeah, most likely...

   Guess I should just crack the knee back into position, pop the shoulder back in, and rip the band aid off at the same time, right? Give me a couple of days for setup, and I'll be fine 😀.

   Anyway, I'm going back to getting Three Ways up for buying, and the next post will be the glorious release (and a big "phew" from me). As always,

   Have a good one!

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