Monday, 8 April 2013

And now for a taste of things to come...

Hi guys,

After a bit of a momentous decision today, I have taken it upon myself to close off sales of The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart in it's first edition.  But that isn't because my book isn't selling (okay, TSH kind-of ISN'T selling, but that's fine by me).

Rather, I made some changes, as I made known in another of my posts.  Firstly I have completely edited TSH, streamlining its delivery - sort of a directors cut where all the fluff was cut out, to bring you, the reader, closer to the narrative.  A massive undertaking, it has since involved a lot of proofing (which I'll make another run through in the coming months, but only for errors), and finally means I can release my second edition.

Secondly, I've gone ahead and split the book back into its acts, as I had before releasing the first edition.  Namely removed due to a formatting issue, I have re-instated it to better split the narrative with these breaks, bringing it closer to my initial, "episodic" vision of TSH.

So without further ado, in the coming days you'll find TSH back with a vengeance, both in paperback and kindle editions.  I intend to release on Kindle at 99c until the end of May (and will join this with the Smashwords edition when my Amazon exclusivity ends on the 12th); afterwards TSH will be made available at $5.99, discounts pending.

The paperback edition will continue at 50% off for those who kick it Old School, code will be provided as necessary!

Anyway that's it from me this week.  Coming soon (and I know I've promised it for a while now) will be the long-awaited History of Talbadas updates, and I'll resume my other projects in the coming weeks.  Not only does TSH need its sequel, but I have a lot of other story ideas!

So here's to a good one,
T. M. Shannon

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