Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Well, what I fool I've been...

I tried to be kind, and constructive. All I've had in response is snide blog posts and whining comments. I have no desire to work with someone like this, and I wash my hands of this title.
I deeply regret the time and attention spent reviewing it.
The Indie Fantastic

   Hi guys,

   Well, I messed up good and proper, which isn't the way to go with reviews.  Not only did I forget not to take comments personally, but also my Milton: "He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well."  That festering rot cost me a the review, I managed to put my foot in my mouth, wasted someone's time (freely given, too).

  I'm not going to explain the background behind my over-defensiveness.  So I'm a first timer, not used to it, not much of an excuse.  I still stand by my book, and will defend it as necessary... just not with misplaced attitude as I did.  Like everybody who stuffs up when they mean well, it will become a point for me to improve in future; for now, I feel like a p****, and its my own fault for it.

   The reviewer told me, before offering a new review service, was their intention to write a book.  I certainly applaud this, and wish all the best; but having published myself, the book is a part of the person.  There's passion in the art, which goes further than imaginable - the story is a part of the author.  At least, I hear it's easier to deal with the pain of a rough review (or its portions) the second time around.

   For now, I apologise for my responses and posting.  Clearly I was ill-equipped to deal with the one part of the criticism that saw me lose my cool.  Hopefully the reviewer can take light in the fact the bulk of the review has seen me adjust the review copy to lighten the watermark I employed to the hilt, minimise my italics (but not remove them altogether), and see to the proofing errors (which are an ongoing project).  Next step will be an editor to see to my content, and bring the narrative up to speed, so again.

   Somehow, I don't feel the thanks is welcomed, and the apology brushed aside.  So be it, it's not my place to force the outcome.  I can only begin to beg for forgiveness.

   As for the question of fandom, you should never give up what you enjoy or what you love; its like religion.  But as a fan, one shouldn't forget the merits of opposing fan-bases, or people who don't agree with your fandom.  Me getting snarky about it isn't going to help matters, but for me its not the end of the world.  Yet if I don't learn from this, there'll be trouble in the waters ahead.

   So for all you newbies, don't be surprised if your bad review really gets your goat.  Just don't lose sleep over it, and try not to reply up front like I did.  If in doubt, just don't reply to it.  Now if only I could have viewed my destiny as hindsight; sorry, no sword and fire dreams for me.

   A little sombre today, I know; and if the apology isn't accepted I certainly understand.
   T. M. Shannon

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