Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stuck for something to write about this week...

   Hi guys,

   Well, the VBT is underway at with my thanks to the host already up and one nice comment.  But past guest blogs, reviews, previews and whatnot, its left me with nothing to blog about this week that won't pop up in the next few weeks.

   That leaves me with a conundrum, since I don't want to blog about the book, or writing the second book, or the pratfalls of taking certain comments in a bad review badly, or doing another History of Talbadas post.

   Maybe you'd like the views on when the 21st Century will actually get here.  Well, we have ski goggles with a HUD that takes photos and posts to Facebook and after 20 years Virtual Reality has finally been figured out.  In true Idiocracy standards, those photos have been close ups of trees that the wearers ran into because they weren't used to the whole HUD idea.  But there's been no tangible advances in the flying car, the hoverboard or replicants; just the laceless Nike's from Back to the Future.

   Maybe you'd like to hear my political view, but I'd rather not get started on minimising tax deductions, dropping welfare from those who can afford it, building more public transport and that High Speed Train we've needed for the past 40 years, and plugging budget gaps with fat, rich, loudmouth miners.  Frankly, like I do with politicians on TV, I'd mute myself and have a groan.

   Maybe you'd like to hear the one about how one-legged waiters work at IHOP.  Better yet, maybe you'd like to hear my plans to import IHOP and Culvers into Australia.

   But before I forget, today is Anzac Day, where we commemorate not only the Gallipoli landings in 1915, or the loss of Australian and New Zealander "Diggers" in this campaign, but remember the lives lost in many wars.  And while steeped in no small degree of mythicism and glorification, sometimes flippantly ignoring the horrific reality of conflict (look up Wilfred Owen for some honesty and what he really thought of Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori), I'd like to remember ALL who fought and died in any war, no matter the legitimacy, no matter the reason.

   Why we have to go to such lengths, I simply do not understand.  What we need are heroes to stop hatred and cruel ambition.

   Ending on a sombre note, I know,
   T. M. Shannon

   P.S. The next stop on the tour is at Scrapblog, here at  Hope to see you there as well.

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