Wednesday, 28 October 2015

And y'know, I just had to buy a new laptop - as water has killed the last

   Hi guys,

   Yep, you heard right. There was an incident last weekend, during which I found reasons to truly keep a watch on your belongings, and that water is so not a computer's best friend like diamonds are to a girl.

   Sadly, my Asus passed away after a large spilling incident. And with it - as I thought at the time - all my data, including my new book which I had not backed up yet, even though I made one of those nearly-New-Years-Resolutions to promise to back up my data. Naturally panic ensued. Dear me, oh god, a lot of repetitions of the words that begin with S and F, generally after words such as "Holy" and before words such as "me dead!"

   Still, its actually all good. No, MacGyver didn't turn up and rewire my motherboard using nothing but a 286 motherboard, his watch battery and spare wiring he magically pulled from his mullet. But I had bought a gaming computer a couple of months back, and behold, within the motherboard box were some spare power and data cables.

   Yep, I'm a tech nerd now (I'm also an official nerd having gotten into Star Trek Online - yes, I'm a Warsian at hart and December is going to be awesome thanks to George Lucas and JJ Abrams [except for that lightsaber, but at least its not Jar Jar Binks]).  I ripped the still-beating harddrive out of the Acer's chest and plugged it into the gaming computer, and now I'm backed up on three hard drives and one flash drive).

   And now, on my new Laptop. Ahhh, sweet, sweet luck, don't you just love her.

   Anyway totally off topic tonight. I'm on leave for the next two weeks so going to get into some serious writing and finally get chapter 6 out (yes I'm still going, have to change the ending because it's not working! but will fix it, and get everything maturing. If you're lucky, maybe a 1st chapter right here on the blog?

   Maybe, I won't quite jinx it like I did with the novel formerly known as A Flight Away. When I'm up to the second act, so you know by then I'm serious, and you can't call me Shirley.

   Anyway LL&P, Force be with you - and yes STO rocks because of two simple words, Leonard and Nimoy (voice provided, but may he now rest in peace). I'll be making some steady updates in the future two as there's been more than just a disturbance in the you know what.

   Like I haven't said in a while,
   Hav-e a good one,

   T. M. Shannon

   PS I've also bought a new car. I love it and it already has a name!

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