Tuesday, 13 October 2015

At this rate the next Game of Thrones will be out before I finish, you guessed it...

   Hi guys,

   Well, a full size week this week, but its already dragging - its only Tuesday night and I've gone just about nowhere with chapter six. Anyway, like a true trooper I'm back into it and hoping you're liking my hint I left last week (beats naming one of my future stories over some cock and bull alien abduction story - oops, I said too much!!!!)

   Yes the mood has lifted, I know last post was a little sombre and things still are, so I'm going in even quicker than last time because chapter 6 does await with a new development that popped in Sunday nights.

   Here's for updates: I have a brand new (well one year old) car and I love it, the weather continues poorly (at least today), I'm re-psyched on the book and have myself an exercise book to work out things on the fly and getting some good work done for the future of my book. Also picked up a self interview thingy and might re-do some Q's here on the blood.

   BTW I might start shoutouts to countries who most visited my blog, for the last week, so here's:

   Shoutout to Germany, danke, love your work with sausage and beer
   USA, thanks for the memories could so pound chicken and waffles right now
   G'day to the home country.
   And big shoutout for my one viewer in the UAE, thanks for the view always appreciated.

   That's it for now, catch you all later, got some words to write.
   T. M. Shannon

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