Friday, 17 August 2018

What do you get when you combine the coverup of 300 pedo priests and 1000+ sexual abuse survivors in Pennsylvania?

   As facts would have it, a Silent Pope and some apologist cardinal in New York, and who knows how many more "apologists" to come forward?

   And as Jesus said (paraphrased), "Pharisees and scribes, hypocrites all." And as it seems to be, going back to my psychotic claim that I was the mirror of Jesus, was my latest schizophrenic episode really a schizophrenic episode, or divine providence come upon me?

   Call me crazy, I think my first claim is more than just crazy, and my mission truly is world peace. I'll solve that at a later date, but I'm keeping hush hush on the next Best. Idea. Ever.

   Back to basics, I'm recording for my YouTube channel (link below) at the same time so bear with me

   Don't forget to trend the following hashtags


   Copy and paste away guys, get the groundswell going. Hit up your politicians, your business accounts, famous peoples accounts, get going! TAKE THIS GLOBAL, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOUR CWAGMIRE IS ALL ABOUT - BEING TRUE TO CHRIST, HIS PEACE, AND HIS COMPASSION!!!!

   I always wanted to be an activist, now is my time. Only I will protest properly, wherever I can in whatever way I can, peacefully but meaningfully. And I will take you on my journey, GoPro or NoPro. And if Centrelink doesn't come through that GoPro is going to be a while - and I bet I know which Satan is behind the fucktardery trying to hold me back.

   Again, you can't stop me motherfucker. He, the Lord, the Boss, has my back.

  Check the vid out at

  Take care all

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