Sunday, 26 August 2018

So I've had to hit reset and start small to become big. Anyway, here's a chapter reading!

   Hi Guys,

   So yeah, I've had to hit the reset button on Your CWAGmire. And I've been forgetting my writing. And a hole bunch of other stuff to do with the rigmaroles of online dating. And I've been forgetting myself.

   That's just how my life goes, but here's some good news on both parts, and an adoption of a frugal lifestyle - now only one year to go on my phone plan at $90 but I should be able to drop down in prices as data becomes cheaper.

   But enough of that, here's the good news, I've just posted a bit of background and a quick reading on The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart as part of the reset. Joy for you, you get to see and hear me break it down to brass tacks (ugh cliches are so cliche) and start with what I'm good at, the writing.

   And yes, as I've posted, got my new work Three Ways on the back burner, so I'm going to churn out part one for adoption onto Amazon and kindle - be warned, not professionally edited, but I'm going to whip out the fine toothed comb and make sure its in good order. Thanks to my last editor, my writing has improved and is more economical, but I'll let the professional eyes go over things in a couple of months - money still tight, but them's the breaks.

   So, will be in more contact, and more on the YouTube front, Your CWAGmire to go from the start again as a personal journey rather than hit the lofty heights outright (I don't have the audience yet). Its all part of getting out there and back into the world - physically moreso than online but I'll get myself there later.

   For now, enjoy the background and reading of TSH, it's 30 mins long, but just skip to 14 minutes if you'd rather hear the reading - go ahead, I won't judge you! And I'll try and keep things up to date.

   Cheers all!

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