Monday, 6 August 2018

I proudly present Your CWAGmire

   Hi Guys,

   It's been a while since I called you that, and since I wrote anything, and the good news is I've signed up to some writing groups on Meetup and going to shove myself back in. Unfortunately I'm in a really fraught position and monetarily stressed - but apparently you have to be in rental arrears (and have proof of being in rental arrears) to qualify for hardship... and maybe its another week on bread and peanut butter, milk for tea and breakfast... but I've survived 36 years of abject torment, parental neglect and abuse (thanks mum), being moved around a lot, picked on in a number of schools, sexually abused - touched up by a family friend several times, my scoutmaster giving me "sex education" (an inter-thigh quickie) twice, and the stranger who's car I got into the FOURTH time I ran away, trying to escape my home situation...

   Yes, when they say "don't get into a stranger's car, bad things will happen to you" listen to that sage advice. Yeah, they do bad things. And when you're in a bad place and indentured to abuse (thanks, my scoutmaster) you'll go through it though PTSD will come back and haunt you in about 14 years - I know that fo shizzle.

   Speaking of fo shizzle I'm actually looking forward to Superfly - if only for the epic cars but should be good to get some good old blacksploitation especially after Luke Cage and Black Panther (Luke Cage FTW in my opinion - I miss netflix, they need an on demand where you can just watch a few shows, or pay for them like vids on YouTube).

   Back to the basics, heres links to my YouTube channel, tomorrow (7th August 2018) I'm embarking on my new journey, my purpose in life, and its going to be busking to start with but I know a way forward now. And hopefully it will lead to the entirety of my grandiose company vision that's still hard to pin down and going to take a bit to prove it will work - viability vs business plan, the struggles.

  I know I've said it before, but this is real now, and I'm going into the world tomorrow - after church and the nanna's reading group (and tea and biscuits, so awesome). And after I get some cash up and get to the bank, I'm going to do what I wanted to do but with the people who really need to be interviewed, since we all walk past them and I have too, but that's interview the homeless - and make them a cup of tea or coffee. I know, I'm so nice, charity from the heart, Jesus points and all that.

   Not for a rise, or my ego, but because it's the right and kind thing to do, to be truly chivalrous. What's that you say, chivalry is dead? Well I'll say straight back, LONG LIVE CHIVALRY!!!!!

   Here's the links, and to you lot, I'm so proud to be able to say this again,
   Have a good one!

   And no, I don't take life that seriously:

   Your CWAGmire playlist on PooTube

   Your CWAGmire on Faceplant

   Me on Faceplant

   The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart on Faceplant (soon to become TM Shannon - The Authornator)

   Pinstergram, $#itter links to follow of course!!!

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