Wednesday, 20 February 2013

TSH for Free on Kindle Final Hours Update

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the last 13 hours 45 minutes you can get The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart for free on Kindle.  I'll keep you posted through the day.

I've set a target of 500 copies to absolutely embarrass myself reading the opening chapterts to my book in Martin Place and posting the results on youtube.  Unlike a politician, I keep my promises; so you get me over the line you'll be in for a treat.

No timeaning me to be lofty, but if you can get me to 600 Edin knows bounty might befall...

05:15 Wed 20/2/13 Sydney (10:15 19/2/13 PST) - 13:45 hrs remaining

TSH begins at 392 copies moved in Kindle Free Days, and is currently sitting at #23 out of the Top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free on Kingle.  Staring down the barrel of 400, is it possible to get to 500?

Just before 11:00am Sydney time

TSH has climbed to 410 copies, but has stalled.  My FB has failed, tried a new one but nothing for the last 3 hours even though there was a magic "approved" email.  TSH is now sitting at #28 in the top 100 and unless sales pick up, I expect to start dropping down the list.  At least I beat 25!

Nonetheless 410 in 5 days is much better than expected.  Now relying on your wonderful reviews to help the transition into paid sales!

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