Wednesday, 20 February 2013


17:00 Sydney Time / 22:00 PST

With two hours to go, movement has slowed to a trickle with only 3 units sold since 15:45.  TSH has moved 434 copies, and has held steady at #31 out of the Top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free (although the item page still shows #27).

I've held some good company, cosying up to both the RR's (next door in the paid section - as to when I can get near them in the paid section itself time will have to tell).

Last Drinks update due at the close of the bargain tonight; thanks to all who have purchased I hope you're enjoying as we speak!

15:45 Sydney Time

The slip has set in, only 2 units sold in the last 45 mins - 431 total.  TSH has gone down to #31.  Looks like the gift horse has bolted but I'm still not looking it in the mouth!

Still, thats 431 units more than 0!  And looks like you're all safe from tutu-time!

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