Wednesday, 20 February 2013

End of Freebies

Final update from 7pm (2 hours later)

As best I can tell I finished at #31 out of the top 100 Epic Fantasy for Free on Kindle; past that, I moved 439 units.  Still, that for me is a groundbreaking achievement.

To all purchasers, I certainly hope you enjoy, and again hope there aren't too many mistakes to drag things down.  I take typos, doubled words and continuity seriously, but as an Indie with limited funds and no editor (Yeah, sure, like lawyers work in offices and drive cars." - Lionel Hutz) you have to admit I do pretty well for a first time effort.

Your feedback is now the most important thing to me, and I wait with anticipation for your likes and even your hates - without you, I can't learn how to become a better author, or find where I went wrong in the past to go better in future.

It's your story now.  Enjoy!

T.M. Shannon

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