Saturday, 9 March 2013

Big news on the blogosphere

"Word is blogosphere is alive with news of you and Leslie Winkle making Eine Kleine bang-bang Musik."
"And why is?"
"Because I put it there!"

Dear readers, I've gone ahead and signed up for a Virtual Book Tour, that last step of entering the wonderful 21st Century and posting on other blogs.  Yeeha!

My tentative date is a start on the 24th of April, I'll have plenty more updates to come both here on Google and over on the Dark Side at Facebook between now and then.

In other news the weather continues fine, the fan's on, I'm in bed at quarter to eleven and I'm still writing.  Living the dream I tell you!

kids party tomorrow, yay cake!

Cheer's all, keep your eye out for posts!

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