Monday, 25 March 2013

Carrot or stick?

"Between your faith, and my Glock 9mm, I pick my Glock."
Arnie, End of Days                                    

Yes, I love my Arnie movies.  Grew up on them.  This is why it was so cool to be born in the 80's, and if Arnie didn't kill enough bad guys for us, Stallone and Bruce Willis were there to fill in the gaps... erm, generally by making more bullet holes...

Anyway, a quick think about my still-missing reviews led me to think about the carrot/stick thing - which incidentally can be taken as the carrot tied onto a stick used to motivate, or the guy with the mule with the teasing carrot and the threatening stick.  Straight away, my train of thought jumped to the Schwarzeneggerian logic above.

In End of Days, the devil is stomping around, and the priest guy talks about having faith and praying for deliverance.  Of course, this doesn't work in Arnie movies, so the big guy grabs a bunch of guns to take on the devil.  I won't go into story flaws, especially the hardcore satanists who start screaming and panic when somebody gets shot (as Clown says in Spawn, "I hate weekend satanists!"), but it led me to think - do I have faith about my reviews arriving, or do I get a little more proactive in reeling them in?

I'm a fan of positive reinforcement, so I'm not going to pursue reviews across the seven seas and from Hell's heart stab at them - because that isn't going to end well, and raise people's ire.  So here goes my mad method.

Carrot:  I will reward you by posting your reviews here on my blog, and on my Facebook page, and include a selection of them in future releases - that's right, I'm prepared to put the reviews that truly matter to me (yours, not SF Magazine's, because they won't care about me now for being an independent author) in future releases of my books, in a dedicated section.

Stick:  I need your reviews to do this first, so you'll need to do some work in that regards.  Thankfully I have an outlet.  Email me your review at and I'll put it up here on my blog's new Your Reviews page ( and throw it onto Facebook page!  And when I get around to the website (very soon), guess what?

Naturally, this involves a great deal of trust, something I take very, very seriously.  I'm not going to spam you, scam you, or even keep your email address on file - just type your review in the body of your email, and when I'm done copying and pasting, you'll get a polite little "thanks" from me and your email will take a trip to the Delete folder, never to be used again.

So lay it on me.  Good, bad or ugly, this feedback is greatly appreciated, and will help me to continue my art (not that I intend to quit while I'm only starting out!).  And who knows, you might end up on my pages!

That's this week's initiative, and I have some (I think) FANTABULOUS news due extremely soon...

Cheers 'til next time!
T. M. Shannon

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