Sunday, 10 March 2013

Oh reviews, where art thou?

I've decided I might start posting a bounty on reviews.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little brash, and a little impatient, and very antsy about not having any reviews on TSH yet.

To be honest, there are three.  These belong to family members: what else am I going to do, pay for a Kirkus review and defeat the purpose of getting reviewed?  Of course I appreciate this feedback, but only 3 reviews when I moved 400+ in my free days, three weeks ago?

As the Superbrat said, "You cannot be serious, man, you CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"

I don't know whether to dangle carrots or stick people with a cattle prod.  I mean, surely a 430 page book cant be that hard to get through - its not like I bog down in epic detail and the dialogue has a point.  Sure there's some typos in there, okay I did this all myself with all my proofing and I missed something, I'm only human.  Next book will be going to a proof-reader, for certain.  But nobody has even dragged me over coals for that!

Of course I have options, but they involve faking it and payment.  It can work for a bit but eventually you come unstuck on it, so I refuse to post in dishonesty.

So, is it the lack of exposure?  Lack of presence?  Am I immediately put in the so-called "slush pile" (and seriously, have you seen some of the YA claptrap they try to push as "literature" these days?  I've seen the slush pile and its name is The Buff Vampires and Doe-Eyed Ditzy Chicks Yearbook Chronicles)?  Do people not even give a shit about books any more?

Maybe I'm just being impatient and should cool off.  Maybe let of some steam, Bennett-style.  I don't know, too many decisions to possibly take.

Guess its just one of those things.  Oh well, I built it, they will come.

"She will be mine.  Oh yes, she WILL be mine."

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