Friday, 15 March 2013

Phat Bass Therapy

Okay so maybe I was a little overblown in the last post.  It happens, just a little minor frustration, but I've stowed all baby bottles, tennis rackets and embraced music therapy.

Some people like that New Wave stuff, all the pan pipes, maybe a bit of Gregorian chanting thrown in unless you get your kicks from The Endless Om-mer.  Me, its got to be bass and lots of it, heavy, deep, thrumming, maybe a bit of the insane wobbling in the wonders from the wonders of Dubstep.

Strangely enough, its a wonderful motivator.  Here in my mobile office, my headphones around my ears, I'm currently getting bashed by some wicked Hardstyle (Scantraxx Radio Show, you nearly complete me if it wasn't for The Infexious Hardstyle Show), and working at my book.

Who'd've thunk it?  Serious book, serious subject matter, powered by bass!

I guess my advice is that music is great when you're writing.  Maybe it should be what you love, maybe something better-aligned with your subject matter.  It gets your juices flowing, gives you something to enjoy - except there's the room for distraction, but that's the breaks.

So do I have a heap of tracks?  Nope - well I do from my attempt to be a DJ, but its gathering dust (mental note, must sell equipment on eBay).  It's internets, baby!  Windows Media Player (or the player of your choice) has a lot of channels to suit; but you can guarantee I'll be somewhere over in the Dance and Electronica section, probably on one of the more-vigorous Digitally Imported channels.

So to sign off another communique from Planet Trent, may I say Long Live the Ravers, Keep Calm and Rave On, and Rave Long and Prosper.  I'm too old for that $*** and have a kid to take care of, but at least I've got my headphones!

Oh well, back to the writing, and a Top of the Morning due on Sunday - already counting the hours to that pint of the black goodness!

Make it a green weekend all!
T. M. Shannon

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